Guideline Ideas For Smart Wedding Vows Products

They failed to note, for example, the fact that feeding tubes were designed as a life-saving medical device, not a diet tool. Furthermore, theyre typically administered to patients under consistent medical supervision because there are indeed risks : infection, vomiting, ulcers, and pulmonary aspiration (inhaling stomach contents into the lungs) which can cause pneumonia. Finally, the Times didnt point out the most obvious and crucial fact about this trend. If they didnt have the tube and just stopped eating theyd be considered anorexic, one reader commented . But under a doctors care and with a tube in their nose, its a crash diet. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics agrees, noting that The K-E Diet will almost inevitably lead to quick weight regain, and also puts patients at risk for bingeing or developing an eating disorder. Furthermore, one doctor told the Academy, …nobody really knows what’s in that [K-E Diet] formula. This would seem the natural response both to this worrying trend and to such worrying coverage. But, while many outlets picked up the feature, few actually critiqued it. Some seemed to treat it as a kind of success story. ABC World News ran a segment featuring Schnaider, saying, she was desperate for a quick fix, then essentially congratulating her for finding one.

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