Locating Help On Major Factors In Wedding Toast

My sisters were there, we had three moms and a baby which is amazing, and yeah, it’s fun because being in what we do and social media and everything, it’s fun to be able to share things with your friends and with your fans.” And while Julianne has her hands full with wedding planning, the tour and judging season 24 of Dancing With the Stars , Derek has been busy directing and starring in Michael Buble’s ” I Believe in You ” music video. The 31-year-old dancer filled in for Buble, so he could spend more time with his eldest son, Noah, 3, who is battling cancer . “It was such a honor to direct that video and to be in it,” said Derek. “I was actually driving in my car with my mom I got a phone call [that] was like, ‘Hey, this is Michael,’ and I’m like, ‘Michael who? I don’t see the number.’ ‘It’s Michael Buble.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ And anyways, it end up being him and I have to say, I’ve never met him before, but he is the kindest and you can just see what kind of man he is even just through that phone call.” “It was beautiful and he just told me that he was so thankful that I was able to create that video for him,” Derek added. “Obviously he’s been going through an interesting time right now, and that that video brought some joy and some light into their lives.” WATCH: Michael Buble’s Emotional ‘I Believe in You’ Music Video Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry Julianne chimed in, giving ET an idea of how their schedules will work while touring around these projects. “Schedule wise, I’m going to be sleeping a lot, as much as I can, but I’ll be coming back [to Los Angeles] every Monday,” she explained. “Every Monday, holy cow! I can’t believe Dancing With the Stars is about to start again. It’s going to be fun, I’m excited.” “The thing that is kind of cool about it too is that when you’re on tour, you kind of go into your own bubble and you kind of forget what’s going on and you’re just there,” she continued. “The fact that I get to come back every week I feel like that is actually really nice and I get to maybe sleep in my bed one night a week so we’ll see.” That, of course, means some time away from Brooks.

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